By registering on the website or by accessing this site or using in the process of mutual cooperation, you agree to the collection and certain use of your personal data.

Personal data.

Personal data that we collect from you are securely stored by means of physical, electronic and software control in accordance with applicable United Kingdom legislation and during the whole time they keep this information in the conditions of complete confidentiality and reliability of safety measures taken to such preservation.

These physical, electronic and software monitoring tools are reasonably designed to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data and information about the investor or the user of the Website, to protect against any threats or the possible danger of breach of security or the integrity of data and information about the investor, as well as to protect against unauthorized access or use of personal data or information about the investor, which can lead to any (significant or insignificant) damage or inconvenience for the investor or the user of the site.

We collect information about you of the following type.

Throughout our cooperation, we can collect information directly about you. These can be personal data such as your name, e-mail address, payment information, account balance information, transaction history information, information about your partners in your partner structure, and, if necessary, certain documentation and additional information, provided by the investor personally and in writing form. We can also collect indirect information about you, which we use solely for identification and security purposes. Such information may include information about your IP address, browser type, operating system, Internet provider, PC identifier, cookies and others.

Any information provided by you, or information obtained by us independently by any lawful means, is permanently in complete confidentiality both during mutual cooperation and after the termination of this cooperation and it can’t and will not be provided, sold or disclosed to any third party.