The International Fund for the Formation and Development of Financial Management Technologies BETCASH presents to your attention the possibility of passive earnings from investments invested in our Fund.

We provide a single investment solution for all investors, which will help stabilize the process and strengthen the reliability of cooperation.

Stability of income with a floating interest rate, however, allows us to guarantee a certain minimum percentage of profit, below which the profit accruals can’t be lowered during the entire period of your cooperation with us.

This allows us to position our services as an investment product of international quality level and at the same time to be a leader in the sphere of similar services. Our investment solution is characterized as a high level of stability, sufficient profitability at any point in time and a high level of yield at the same time. This was achieved thanks to a special organization of management of investment processes and methods of distribution by the Fund.

The use of advanced technologies for monitoring and forecasting commercial feasibility is the basis on which our investment program is built.

Hard Betcash
Investment plan

Deposit period:

300 days

Percent of the day:

0.98 %
Minimum deposit: 50 $
Deposit period: 300 days
Accruals: calendar days
Minimum output: 0.2 $

The investment decision is calculated for 300 days. After the completion of the term of your deposit, the nominal amount invested in the Fund will be canceled, but you can continue to cooperate with us by making a new deposit.

A request for payment of funds can be made once in the last two days of each month. The company does not charge commissions on the claimed amount. The order processing procedure is 5 working days.

The company also provides each customer the opportunity to withdraw funds on a daily basis in an automatic mode, but with a commission of 5% of the withdrawal amount. The order processing time is 24 hours. Moving to the daily payments mode is available only in the last 2 days of each month, during the processing of the request for payment of funds.