BETCASH is a fund that accumulates funds invested by outside investors on the conditions of trust management. We do not use investors’ funds to conduct high risk trading operations and do not subject investment funds to the risk of doubtful transactions. Each transaction, which was concluded with any of our client is a transaction that is guaranteed to bring the investor a profit within the limits indicated by our offer. Conditions for obtaining a stable profit in time - passive income based on effective money management, carried out by experts of the Fund BETCASH. Thus, without delving into the subtleties and nuances of business, every person from any country in the world, without special skills, can afford to become an investor and receive a decent income without additional efforts. Such a scheme of mutually beneficial cooperation brings positive results, because this scheme of cooperation has already been tested and proved itself as an effective and reliable way of cooperation.

BETCASH is an investment fund, the purpose of which is to consolidate the investment for the design and development of both online projects and land bookmakers. At present, we already have almost ready-made projects betcash7.com, betgoal7.com, which work in the test mode and have already attracted the first customers. Working in the test mode, we establish feedback, on the basis of which we make the service more convenient and functional and timely we will present you all new projects. The investor invests money in our Fund and in return receives guarantees of a constant profit from the enclosed investments. He absolutely does not need to understand and know the trends that have formed in the online betting market today. The investor deals with a fund that ensures uninterrupted profit regardless of the transactions that the fund carries out. We work reliably and professionally, providing for each investor the result that interests him. And this is the most important thing. So, we have taken in trust the money of the investor and now we are obliged to pay all the dividends due on this amount. Next we put some of the money in the design and development of the bookmakers. Thus, the horizons of business expand and, as a result, increases the income from the activity of the bookmakers.

Why are we doing this?

We do not give investors the opportunity to invest directly in the bookmaker office, because no bookmaker office in the world can guarantee dividend payments by 100%. But the Fund BETCASH can guarantee this. Because we have all the necessary financial means and capabilities to always, at any time, adjust our financial flows and, regardless of the situation, fulfill our obligations to investors.

Thus, all interested parties of the process receive what they want. We create a situation in which investors feel safe and comfortable, and at the same time everyone gets his part of profits, as well as opportunities for growth and progress. By investing in the Fund, the investor invests in the design and development of a bookmaker and has the opportunity to receive a nominal percentage of profit with guarantees from our Fund. This model of cooperation, in which are distributed not only investment funds, but also the distribution of commercial and business responsibilities, is one of the most advanced forms of commercial interaction with investors through the Internet. A modern model of cooperation that takes into account the interests of all parties and reliably generates revenue is the Fund BETCASH in action.

Why our client choose us?

Development dynamics

Your income will always have a positive development, because in-clock monitoring by our professionals examine any factors that might affect the dynamics and development of income from your investment.

Art of technology

The use of modern technologies of financial management at the highest level of efficiency and cooperation with the best experts collaborates increases productivity and ensures each client a decent income during the whole period of the joint cooperation.

In addition to the above factors, BETCASH has a number of unique advantages that without alternatively making a choice in our favor. Let's look at the main points that make our Fund a unique and affordable at the same time.

BETCASH is an investment platform and a guarantor of your investments at the same time. We are equally interested in the development of bookmakers and in the absolute safety of investments made by our customers. Moreover, the deep interconnection of these two components does not leave us other options for development. After all, thanks to your confidence and activity, the opportunities of the bookmaker office are growing, and with the growth of the bookmaker's opportunities, your incomes will grow even more. The ideal mechanism in which the fulfillment of the commitments is not an obligation, but is part of an organic process, in which all are equal and united.

BETCASH is real people who spent many years of their lives giving financial management, logistics and statistical forecasting.

BETCASH is people who are competent experts and who are always ready to help our customers. We develop and grow continuously only thanks to such personalities, our team of like-minded people.

BETCASH is a respect for tradition and absolute reliability of interaction, based on the long-term practice of trust management and financial management of the Fund.

Careful attitude to the funds provided by the costumers of the Fund as an investment and constant concern for customers create an atmosphere of friendly relations, when all work for one result and enjoy the benefits of working together.

The remoteness of cooperation and the opportunity to work with the Fund via Internet, the absence of any special requirements to the level of investor qualifications, multi nationality and complete freedom of choice are factors that put our company on a par with world leaders in financial management.

These advantages of the Fund together with modern approaches to financial management make the International Fund for Forming and Developing Financial Management Technologies BETCASH the most attractive for online investments.